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NOW AVAILABLE for CPC+ Practices –Non-Binding Letter of Intent (LOI) for Primary Care First (PCF) Demonstration 2022 Participation

CMS recently released a non-binding, optional Letter of Intent (LOI) for CPC+ practices that are considering participation in PCF in 2022 (attached).  Though this LOI is not required for 2022 participation in PCF, it would provide CMS with an early sense of CPC+ potential practice interest in the PCF demonstration.  Note that the application allows an organization to denote interest on behalf of multiple CPC+ practice IDs.  If you wish to submit a LOI at this point, the deadline for submission is January 22, 2020.   Regardless of whether a LOI is submitted now, at a later point, CPC+ practices interested in applying for 2022 participation in PCF will be required to submit applications at a later date when available.

CMS Primary Care First Practice Letter Of Intent

We have received questions about where to send the non-binding letters of intent for 2022 Primary Care First consideration.  We have checked with the Primary Care First support line and they advised that they should be sent to: by January 22, 2020.   Many thanks!