Multipayer CPC+ Updates!

Telehealth Resources to Speed Your Success

Michigan CPC+ practices and Physician Organizations (POs) have done an admirable job at quickly adapting and transitioning to virtual care, catalyzed by the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.   Financial sustainability is on the minds of all as well given the challenges at hand and telehealth applications provide a path for both providing care continuity to patients and providing revenue to practices.  All three CPC+ Michigan Payers (CMS, BCBSM and Priority) have relaxed policy to allow for greater use of telehealth servicing, so that:
  • Patients can continue to access their primary care practices for care needs, questions and insight;
  • Care management servicing continues so that chronic care patients continue to be supported during;
  • Patients that face special risks of social isolation and anxiety can receive outreach (proactively when possible)
Read moreThe pace of change has been demanding.  The Michigan Multipayer CPC+ Steering Committee Leaders have led the way by sharing how their organizations are using best practices to transition to telehealth.  Table of PO COVID Support Responses to Practices Their work is impressive and their willingness and generosity in sharing findings with the CPC+ Michigan Community is much appreciated. We also combed through the plethora of websites that focus on telehealth, and identified the following as the best set to speed your success in choosing and using telehealth platforms and optimizing workflow: We are also working with our Michigan CPC+ Commercial Payer Leaders to align on evolving telehealth policy.  Our joint aim is to provide a long-term path for funding and reimbursing the set of telehealth services that serve to improve patient health status and population health, yet guard against misuse.

Participating in the Weekly National Survey of Primary Care Clinicians on COVID-19

To track the impact of the coronavirus on primary care with a special focus on Michigan, we have partnered with the Primary Care Collaborative and the Larry A. Green Center to spread the word about your opportunity to participate in their weekly survey of primary care clinicians about responses to the COVID-19 crisis.  In this partnership, the Michigan CPC+ Multipayer Team will receive aggregated results for Michigan that we will share in upcoming Newsbriefings.
Read moreIf you are a physician, nurse practitioner or PA working in primary care, you are invited to join the survey to share your thoughts about how your practice is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Completing the survey takes three (3) minutes or less. The link to the survey, which is open Friday to Monday each week, is available at in the left bottom corner of the screen.  At the end of the survey, you can provide your email address to receive reminder emails for the survey each week.

Exciting News!  Multipayer CPC+ Dashboard Launches

The Michigan Data Collaborative (MDC) continues to make progress on the CPC+ Michigan Multipayer dashboard which will go live for authorized users this month. The CPC+ Dashboard release is expected Monday, May 4, 2020, with CMS Medicare and BCBSM data. We are working with Priority Health on addition of their data for later releases as well.
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  • MDC is in process of onboarding users. We are reaching out to Acknowledgers at PO’s & Practices to verify user access. Access is setup at the PO or Practice level.
  • A CPC+ Dashboard training program has been developed that will include live monthly webinars, recorded webinars, and on-demand assistance with dashboard utilization and access. See the CPC+ Dashboard Training Plan for session dates and times.
  • Highlights of what you will find in the first dashboard include:
    • An overview of your population with demographic information like age, gender, community (rural or urban), payer, and chronic condition prevalence.
    • The capability to analyze measure results including comparisons to the CPC+ Michigan performance average.
    • An insights page to easily identify areas for improvement, as well as bright spots in your organization’s CPC+ performance.
    • Drill downs to the provider and patient level.
    • Comparisons across Managing Organizations and Practices to support collaboration for improvement.
  • The Release 1 Announcement, Release Notes, User Guide, and CPC+ Measures Technical Guide can all be found on the CPC+ Support page of the MDC Website.
If you have not yet completed the Data Use Agreement(DUA) or the User Account Request to allow access to the CPC+ Dashboards for your organization, please contact the Michigan Data Collaborative and we will work with you to complete.

Keeping Up Your Patient and Family Advisory Council Meetings – Virtually

With all of the changes and new ways of communicating that practices are embarking on, outreach scripts are being written, procedures and language for virtual check-ins are being developed and the nature of how we communicate with patients is expanding.   Many of our practices have expressed an interest in using Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) to test and improve communications and processes in this new world.  The Michigan CPC+ Multipayer Team has developed a handy slide deck All State Version for Sharing – Remote PFACs- Helping Your Practice With the Voice of the Patient that can assist you in transitioning to virtual PFAC meetings to retain  the voice of the patient in your innovations.  If you are in need of a meeting platform in the short term to provide for virtual meetings that do not involve patient care, please contact us ( as we are happy to help.

Michigan Institute for Care Management and Transformation Educational Offerings

The MICMT Regional Meeting has been replaced by participation of care team members and/or PO leadership in the trainings for MAT, Palliative Care, Patient Engagement, and Intro to Specialty Team-Based Care.  Participation in the MICMT virtual offerings or any other state-wide approved training offerings through the month of June will be counted towards the Regional Meeting.  MICMT is actively working with state-wide trainers to compile a list of trainings on our website, however it is currently recommended to check specific MICMT approved PO and Trainer Organization websites as our list is not yet complete.  The list of MICMT approved state-wide trainers will be available soon, check here for the updates The list of trainings can be found in the News and Events section of MICMT’s website:   We appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns:

May 28th CMS/TMF In-Person Learning Session Cancelation

CMS has canceled the May 28th CPC+ In-person Learning Session, given the pandemic and the need to provide practices with the time and focus they need to attend to patient care needs.  For those who submitted ideas about the multipayer breakout that would have occurred at the meeting, your suggestions were greatly appreciated and we will keep them in mind for the future Learning Sessions after we can all safely resume large group meetings.

Contact Us! How Can We Help? Supporting CPC+ POs and Practices in Michigan

The joint commercial CPC+ payers in Michigan are working together to support multipayer alignment with the University of Michigan. We advocate with CMS to emphasize the important role that POs play in supporting CPC+ and work with them as partners in the Michigan CPC+ community, work with all participating payers in Michigan to create consistency in payer policy and approach wherever possible, and work to remove roadblocks that practices and POs face in CPC+ implementation and operations. We are interested in learning about your successes, challenges and questions.  Please contact the CPC+ Michigan Regional Convener, Diane Marriott ( or 734 998 0390) at any time to share your ideas and experiences.